One Nation Commission




One Nation, Built on the Strength of Immigrants


The One Nation Commission will issue expert recommendations and reports on the impacts and potential impacts of Public Charge in the AAPI community.


The Commission will maintain a spotlight on Public Charge – in service to but not beholden to the timing of the legal, legislative, and electoral battles, producing data, reports, and media that further substantiate our position that Immigrants are a net benefit to society.

This will be a time-limited Commission of approximately six months to one year. We intend to be flexible and nimble enough to have rapid response capabilities to keep relevant within the national changing body politic. The Commission is fully staffed with policy, research, and communications experts and currently funded by the East Bay Community Foundation and Asian Health Services.

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The Commission



Last winter’s unprecedented comments campaign reflected a surge of engagement in the AAPI community nationally. Building on that momentum, this Commission aims to keep the spotlight on the most pressing needs identified by that engagement.

AAPIs organized and spoke out, submitting more than 23,000 comments to the Federal Register by the December 2018 deadline. 266,077 voices - comments were activated nationally.


60 days

Public Comment Period


Individual Voices


Comments from AAPI Community


These powerful stories shed light on the most threatening issues presented by the proposed rule.

Analysis of these comments is still proceeding; however, our preliminary findings reveal key areas of focus: public health and family impacts, personal health and financial losses, and negative pressure on the economy.

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Immigrants Are a Net Benefit to Society


Our Work and Impact

  • Provide strategies, expertise, and support to limit or end Public Charge as a policy.

  • Strengthen the One Nation AAPI movement.

  • Shift the narrative: From immigrants being a burden to, “This nation was built on the strength of immigrants.”

  • In service to a multipronged strategy to wage legislative and legal battles, and to lead and inform the public discourse both in and about the AAPI community and broader immigrant rights community.

  • The Commission will monitor, document, report, hold public hearings, gather existing data and information and cull new data and information when appropriate.

  • The Commission will issue expert recommendations and reports on the impacts and potential impacts of Public Charge in the AAPI community.

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Get Involved

We expect to issue our first report in early summer 2019.

In the meantime, visit to learn more about the One Nation AAPI movement.

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