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One Nation Commission

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Building on the momentum from the engaging public comments campaign last fall and the days of actions in Washington D.C. in June 2019, comes the exciting release of the One Nation Built on the Strength of Immigrants, a report which highlights the many facts, data, stories and tools on how to fight back the public charge regulation.

Join One Nation Commission, elected officials and community organizations on October 29, 2019 at 11 am on the House Triangle to celebrate the release of the report and to learn more about public charge, the Commission and the continuous fight.

Please contact Commission Staff at or 510/735-3117 for more information.


The One Nation Commission builds on the groundswell of public outcry in late 2018 when the rule was proposed. 266.077 people, 23,000 of whom were Asian Pacific Islander Americans, spoke out against the proposal, stating it would unfairly punish and potentially separate millions of legal residents from their families by wrongfully denying them readmission or permanent residence. These powerful stories shed light on the most threatening issues presented by the proposed rule: negative pressure on the economy, public health impacts, family separation, personal health and financial losses, and significant implications for insurance and health care systems.

 “Immigrants are a benefit to our economy and to our society as a whole. This proposed public charge rule is un-American and immoral,” said Co-Chair Sherry Hirota. “Our collective community is standing up and speaking out in record breaking numbers to oppose this dangerous rule. The One Nation Commission builds on that momentum, keeps all eyes on this critical fight, and galvanizes government, businesses, artists, and community to make real change. We are driving our own narrative: America is one nation built on the strength of immigrants.”


Why It Matters


The Commission garners influence and leverage from all sectors of our society to wage an effective fight against the attacks on our community.



The Commission works to keep all eyes on Public Charge – in service to the legal and policy battles.



The Commission marshals data, reports, and media to further substantiate the truth: immigrants are a net benefit to society



Next Steps


We expect to issue our first report in early summer 2019.

In the meantime, visit to learn more about the One Nation AAPI movement.